Siram has chosen virtual reality as a communication and training tool


Siram has chosen virtual reality as a communication and training tool

Siram is an Italian group with one hundred years of history and a leader in integrated energy management and technological services for the public and private market – health, public administration, schools and educational institutions, residential, tertiary, industry – which has decided to choose virtual reality as a communication and training tool.

From the internal information path to the trade fair. Siram Group has decided to choose virtual reality as a complete communication and training tool


Siram Group turned to Visualpro 360 with very clear needs.

Specifically, the Company was looking for a tailor-made virtual reality solution that could satisfy two objectives:

– have an internal communication tool available to train employees in all Italian locations;

– be able to convey contents to the outside in different times and ways depending on the circumstances.

Confidentiality and selection of information, simplicity and speed of use, reuse on different digital platforms and off-line use: all this in a single content, thanks to virtual reality.


Getting to have a content capable of:

tell about some big energy plants built and managed by Siram on the National Territory;
to strengthen communication in the Territory, to give new tools of reference to sales representatives;
structure the internal training of employees both on processes and methods and on corporate ethics and values, intensifying relationships and promoting synergies.

All with the following posts:

data confidentiality;
immediate and simple use independent of the web;
production of contents in 15 different locations in Italy with deadline at the end of the project on 12/20/2018;
compliance with safety procedures in different locations, such as power stations, complex plants, hospitals, sensitive public buildings and large companies.


Institutional clients, internal staff, large public on the occasion of events such as exhibitions or presentations


Starting from the requests of Siram, we have created a virtual reality application that could represent a multi-functional solution, able to satisfy, through a unique and modular tool, the multiple objectives of the Company, usable in different ways, in different locations and in different moments.




Four members of the Visualpro 360 team took part in the Siram project, thus covering every stage of production internally. From the video shootings in location to the editing and html and java programming of the virtual tours created. All to guarantee cost and time optimization for the company that has chosen us.


VR Tool N. 1
Virtual tour in hires, interactive and full of information sheets with photos, texts, videos. Experience to be used offline on PC, MAC, Android mobile devices.

VR Tool N. 2
VR 360 video shot in different locations, in 4 and 6k quality, can be viewed off-line on PC, MAC, Android mobile devices, which can also be viewed on high-quality VR viewers that can store files in memory without using the web.

All with the ability to upload each individual file online as a small excerpt and / or later on YouTube.




The recommended viewers used by Siram are the new Pico Goblin, lightweight, comfortable VR glasses, with quadHD monitors able to hold VR videos in 5k in their memory without any need to access the network.

Several dozen of these viewers have been provided to the various Siram locations and will be periodically updated with new content through memory cards, sent directly to the offices and uploaded to the eyewear software as updates.

Thanks to a simple interface it will be possible to choose the different contents to be displayed.


An ambitious project, therefore, for Siram and the Visualpro team360. A job that has seen us touch several of the main Italian cities for a period of several months of work.

One of the first new versions of the virtual experience applications created for the company was the dissemination of 360 VIDEO CONTENT as ‘supplier’ and ‘protagonist’.

On the occasion of Stagenova 2018, to which Siram was present as a sponsor partner, the Company has set up an area dedicated to the Virtual Experience for the ‘general public’, thus making hardware and software applications available.

An innovative, dynamic, captivating means of communication, capable of bringing the user closer and into a dimension that is difficult to understand; going to shorten distances and increasing esteem and empathy between a business reality and the final consumer.

Developments and the use that the applications created for Siram have had and will continue to have over time are different and multifaceted.

Not a simple technological tool, therefore, but a real investment in innovation, able to generate a return in different fields and for different business objectives, along a potentially infinite time span.

Siram has chosen virtual reality as a communication and training tool


  • Date : 9 Ottobre 2018
  • Tags : Foto video 360°, Tour 360°