An interactive and customized virtual reality application for the new Bondioli & Pavesi catalog


Un'applicazione di realtà virtuale immersiva ed interattiva per il nuovo catalogo di Bondioli e pavesi realizzata da Visualpro 360

Italian excellence Bondioli & Pavesi chooses an interactive and customized virtual reality application to show the new catalog.  

Bondioli & Pavesi is a company whose core business is the design and production of cardan transmissions for agricultural machinery. A company that represents an excellence of the Italian industrial reality, established over the years and, today recognized internationally for product quality and cutting-edge processes.

First Italian company in the agricultural machinery sector to put on the market a complete transmission system, today Bondioli & Pavesi is a company that has several specialized Production Units and operates in more than 80 countries, exporting more than 80% of its turnover (37 % extra EU). Continuous research, attention to production processes and development of projects have allowed Bondioli & Pavesi to assume a leading role in the agricultural machinery sector, as well as being recognized and appreciated for its avant-garde spirit that has always characterized every sector and every human company component.

Precisely on the basis of this curious and pioneering nature, Bondioli & Pavesi decided to turn to Visualpro 360 for the realization of an interactive and personalized Virtual reality application entirely dedicated to the new product catalog.


virtual reality application for the new Bondioli & Pavesi catalog


Bondioli & Pavesi contacted us with a very specific need: to create an interactive and personalized virtual reality application for the presentation of the new Corporate catalog. The scenario that the client asked us to create was that of an immersive, interactive environment, personalized in detail and entirely dedicated to visualizing and interacting with the main and most complex items in the catalog; we talk about hydraulic motors and hydraulic pumps.

The objectives for Bondioli & Pavesi were twofold:

  • to obtain a complete information solution, as well as a tool for its use that could be portable, simple to use and easily portable;
  • generate a first habitat in VR, as a ‘starting base’, prepared for future additions, even complex and particularly numerous

virtual reality application for the new Bondioli & Pavesi catalog


Extremely clear the needs and objectives of Bondioli & Pavesi, we at Visualpro 360 have opted for the creation of an app for Oculus Go and Oculus Rift intended for viewing the catalog and the interaction of the user with it during the fruition phase.


The user / viewer through a simple and intuitive interface that “immerses” him in a VR environment, is “face to face” with complete, detailed and extremely realistic reconstructions of the products.
From the center of the virtual environment, the user can observe, manipulate and select the various 3D models to be able to deepen their aspects and characteristics, through interactive tools that enrich the reconstructions with technical information.


The application created for Bondioli & Pavesi, as well as many solutions created by Visualpro 360 and intended for a Business user, has been installed in the memory of the Oculus Go and therefore does not require any connection to the Internet for its use.

The application dedicated to Oculus Rift, on the other hand, is enriched by the possibility of being usable with an excellent image quality and the highest possible levels of realism in terms of the number of polygons displayed and photorealism; the solution for VR viewers on the market today, with the best graphics performance.
Moreover, the application for Oculus Rift is able to manage the explosion of the piece and any instructions, for a good use and maintenance of the article.


 Bondioli and Pavesi show a virtual tour of the establishments to the participants of Career Day Unife 2018.



A project successfully concluded, therefore, which saw the Company successfully bring the Application to the vision of technicians, potential customers and internal staff both at the site and at events and trade fairs, for an immersive and interactive experience for sure effect and unique communication potential.

Numerous are the future objectives, for technical communication and not only, that Bondioli & Pavesi plans to pursue with the support of immersive virtual reality technology.

An extremely ambitious first step but definitely up to a Company of this caliber.

Visualpro 360, can only be considered once again, satisfied with the work completed and proud of having contributed to spreading knowledge about the potential and the countless fields of application of virtual reality and immersive reality dedicated to companies.


  • Date : 19 Dicembre 2018
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