Marazzi & Ragno virtual showroom




Marazzi & Ragno virtual showroom: transforming exhibition spaces into an interactive experience that makes them interactive.


Sassuolo, March 2017, in the Tiles Valley two large exhibition spaces are renewed in physical locations and become a shared experience online through a virtual experience that transforms them into a virtual showroom.

The virtual tours describing the renewed permanent exhibition spaces are published on the home pages of the respective company websites.

Marazzi & Ragno are two of the largest brands dedicated to the tile and ceramic sectors, headed by the Marazzi Group.

” A constant aptitude for research and experimentation, the ability to anticipate changes and developments in housing, architecture and design, attention to the environment and sustainability. “



Two symbols of Made in Italy in the furniture and design sector that over the years have been able to establish themselves on the international scene as dynamic and founder realities of a generation of companies that have decided to focus everything on research and innovation.

A growth strategy that evolved has become a real modus operandi for these two Italian excellences.

Starting from this philosophy that puts innovation at the center, Marazzi & Ragno have come to the decision to create a virtual showroom, supporting us in Visualpro 360 as we develop the project.



Marazzi Group turned to us for the renewal of the Marazzi & Ragno showrooms in Sassuolo.

The two realities had the need to complement or better integrate a classic physical experience of showrooms with a technological solution that would allow anyone to live and ‘revive’ the exhibition spaces, capturing every nuance, suggestion and suggestion.


Clear customer needs, immediate Visualpro 360 proposal: a complete and interactive Virtual Tour that describes the permanent exhibition spaces in the smallest detail, with the ultimate goal of achieving a new and exclusive dimension, to extend reality, through where the company could talk to its customers.




A long and exciting virtual “walk” in over 150 rooms that can be visited and linked together by a path that covers over 3000 square meters of exhibition area.

The largest Virtual Tour realized in Italy, based on a technology without compromises, completely resident on the Company’s servers and with a very high photographic quality.

A cutting-edge tool made by us of VisualPro 360 in collaboration with Quix, supplier of: 360-degree images, platform and necessary media, high resolution photo shoot and dynamic structure for updating content, both photographic and hypertext.


Marazzi, Ragno e lo showroom virtuale


A Virtual Tour that allows a unique interactive experience, studded with informative “hot spots” applied to walls and floors where one click is all it takes to dynamically access the pages dedicated to the product just seen, exactly as if you were walking in the Marazzi & Ragno showroom having the catalog in hand.


Marazzi, Ragno e lo showroom virtuale ceramica ragno virtual tour showroom relatà virtuale


An interesting technical note is the choice of not to take advantage of the classic Google Maps platform but to maintain the virtual tour on Marazzi’s servers, guaranteeing an experience at the highest levels in terms of image quality. An advantage when you decide to make changes or updates to the content, in addition to being able to monitor in real time each shift and preference of the individual user in the virtual world. A virtual showroom just a click away.


Marazzi, Ragno Ceramica e lo showroom virtuale. Sassuolo, marzo 2017, nella Tiles Valley due grandi showroom si rinnovano e diventano esperienza condivisibile on line grazie alla realtà virtuale.


A perfectly enjoyable experience on PCs, tablets, smartphones and countless VR devices such as Cardboard or Samsung VR both online and off-line. An interesting possibility is the latter, if we consider the use of devices as engagement tools with high attractive power; we think of events like Cersaie, Fiera di Bologna and Salone del Mobile, in which a Virtual Experience would certainly allow us to differentiate ourselves from our competitors in the eyes of the general public and to ‘leave a mark’.



The video we made for Valcucine during the ‘Salone del Mobile‘ in Milan, an effective way to walk around the booth using the FacebookVr or Youtube platform.




Once finished, we can say that we are proud to have taken an active part in the latest process of renewal and evolution of Marazzi & Ragno. An experience in contact with a technology that innovates and approaches, for two brands that are already established but never cease to listen to what surrounds them.

A winning approach from every point of view, in our opinion. When we do not stop researching, innovating and surprising, we are already and unconsciously building the future.

There is no doubt the future is now.

There is no doubt immersive reality is the most current way of telling your business stories.

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Marazzi, Ragno e lo showroom virtuale.
Sassuolo, marzo 2017, nella Tiles Valley due grandi showroom si rinnovano e diventano esperienza condivisibile on line grazie alla realtà virtuale. La tua azienda in fiera con il VR-Expo-Kit Da quei primi progetti pionieristici non abbiamo mai smesso di innovare e ascoltare i sogni e le esigenze dei nostri clienti affiancando ai classici servizi fotografici pubblicitari e produzioni video anche strumenti fortemente web-oriented e interattivi.Video e foto 360 per MSI a Milano Poi arrivarono i primi social,fotografie e video a 360° in alta definizione per uso editoriale, commerciale o promozionale , racconti digitali 360° on realtà virtuale per dispositivi mobili e indossabili. La nostra proposta spazia da soluzioni per eventi, fiere,Marazzi, Ragno e lo showroom virtuale. ambient show, corporate branding, direct marketingEngage Showcase, Marazzi, Ragno e lo showroom virtuale La tua azienda in fiera con il VR-Expo-Kit.


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