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VR at work_ Virtual training is leading to real-world results with Oculus for Business
Virtual Reality Training for Business: Facebook relies a new offer of customized products The introduction of a new offer of Technology  for Virtual Reality dedicated to Companies is the one with which Facebook wants to reach Business users. The first real and tangible sign, that even the giant of Menlo Park is opening up to a public with a different style from those consumers. No longer just hardware applications, with partially unexpressed potential, but real tools to support work in every sector, at every stage and for every level of complexity. We are talking about a real suite of VR ...
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Virtual Reality for the automotive industry Purchase of Audi cars with an immersive 360 ​​experience visualpro 360
Audi's first Virtual Reality showroom in Centurion, Pretoria, is now operational. Picture: SUPPLIED Virtual Reality for the automotive industry: purchase of Audi cars with an immersive 360 ​​experience   We want to bring back the article 'Virtual Reality to take centre stage in purchase of Audi cars', published on Business Day which tells about the last frontier of virtual reality for the automotive industry. Protagonist is the car manufacturer Audi, which offers a 360-degree immersive experience for its customers, through which they can personalize their future car in every single detail. The undisputed potential that virtual reality is expressing in ...
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Oculus Quest visori vr per il Business e per i tuoi eventi aziendali Visualpro360
Is introducing the new VR Oculus Quest headset into your business really a winning move? Starting from an article published on Insta VR we list three reasons to introduce the new VR Oculus Quest headset into your business, or try to understand if a business investment in virtual reality and specifically in the exclusive and new VR viewers, can really represent a turning point in communication, in marketing and in training the staff of a Company. VR Oculus Quest headset are expected to be the last frontier in the VR hardware field and aim to enter a highly profiled and ...
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