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Virtual reality experiences for strategic marketing is  the starting topic of this article, to understand the worldwide trend and evolution of immersive technologies. The adoption rates of immersive technology in order to create virtual reality experiences for marketing and beyond have steadily increased over the past few years and rapid growth in VR investments is expected in the near future.

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Filming in Virtual Reality with Manifold: what is the volumetric video

Built in collaboration with RED Digital Cinema, Manifold seems to be a VR camera, primarily dedicated to the world of professionals and therefore, a particularly promising tool for the future of the traditional video industry.
“It would be foolish of me to say that Manifold is not about virtual reality, “said director of photography Andrew Shulkind, who moderated a panel on the new Oculus Connect 5 camera.” It absolutely is, but it concerns more than that.”

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How to reduce stress through virtual reality and augmented reality is the question about the Healium XR team answered.

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VR at work_ Virtual training is leading to real-world results with Oculus for Business

We are talking about a real suite of VR hardware and software products, which Facebook has presented to the public as a complete solution to support the introduction of Virtual Reality Training in work processes.

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Virtual Reality for the automotive industry Purchase of Audi cars with an immersive 360 ​​experience visualpro 360

The undisputed potential that virtual reality is expressing in the field of customized design and instant product prototyping and the Audi Brand confirms this.

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Oculus Quest visori vr per il Business e per i tuoi eventi aziendali Visualpro360

VR Oculus Quest headset are expected to be the last frontier in the VR hardware field and aim to enter a highly profiled and specific market segment, such as that of Business.

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