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How to reduce stress through virtual reality and augmented reality


How to reduce stress through virtual reality and augmented reality

How to reduce Stress is the subject of more and more studies and medical research, as well as being one of the most frequent questions that we all ask ourselves every day. Stress, as you can easily guess, is one of the main causes of mental health problems. It is clear that a frenetic pace of work with daily external pressures has a significant impact on the growth of stress levels of any individual. We all suffer more or less stressful periods that cause progressive physical and mental fatigue but we always tend to underestimate the symptoms and risks involved. Hardly anyone pauses to think about the consequences of a prolonged state of stress on the physical and social relationships. Paradoxically a state of stress, , caused by work, for example, could lead, if neglected, to affect our own abilities and work performances, causing us to fall into a loop harmful and detrimental to the physique, mind and profession. We know how difficult it is, today, to keep up with the frenetic rhythms that daily life imposes on us, but we want to reiterate how important it is to listen to our body as a whole, to take care of every aspect (physical and mental)without always feeling it as a duty‘later and last’M to postpone to practical questions. A state of well-being is the basis that allows us to better face any commitment or task, more or less burdensome and demanding. Taking care of one’s own psychophysical well-being must be the starting point for any other type of life activity. 

What’s Healium XR

Healium XR is the world’s first virtual and augmented reality platform powered by brain waves and heart rate via wearable devices. Healium is a biometrically controlled solution  to reduce stress, without drugs. The patented Healium system (consisting of the use of vr viewers and software platform) through a series of simulations, induces the user to relaxation, meditation and sleep refreshing, each of which will contribute to the improvement of the biochemistry and physiology of the individual. An absolute innovation.


How to reduce stress through virtual reality and augmented reality is the question about the Healium XR team answered. We are talking about a company that after many research and tests, has developed a real virtual reality platform that aims toreduce stress going to act on aspects and actual physical states of the subject who undergoes a VR immersive experience designed for that purpose.

How Healium XR works

Healium XR is a patented technology allows the user to modify VR or AR content through biometric information. Healium XR, differs from other applications, because it uses EEG feedback in real time and heart rate, a system that starting from body sygnals and trasmissions, is able to create a personalized  VR and AR immersive experience, reflecting the mental and physical state of the user. A technology that allows the user to modify VR or AR content with biometric information. An immersion that starts from the individual and through it mutates and develops. The ultimate goal of an immersive experience with Healium XR is to produce an increase in positive sensations in the psyche and physique of the user subject, thus lowering the stress levels. Healium XR, trought VR devices as bands or smartwatch, which record heart rate and brain waves create a VR experience based on collected and processed data, made usable through common vr viewers (oculus, Gear etc…).

How to reduce stress through virtual reality: VR experiences with Healium XR

How can a VR experience reduce stress levels? What is being proposed to do Healium XR is  to act on our sensoriality as both transmitter and receiver of information and signals, with a consequent change of psycho-physical state. What aims to achieve Healium XR is the change of a state of stress into a state of relaxation, through induction to this, thanks to the fruition or better to the total immersion in a virtual dimension that stimulates the activation of this state. Stimulate sensations that physiologically, as proven by traditional medicine, contribute to the improvement of the biochemistry and physiology of the individual.

How Healium XR is composed 

HealiuM XR is an application that we could define as a system, in which the same user of the experience becomes active and creative part.  HelaiemXR is made by an hardware component, a software component and a subject that transmits biometric data from which every subsequent production of signals and contents of which the subject himself will become spectator is triggered.


Two simple hardware components: a brain-sensitive band (Muse 1) or another wearable device that acts as a controller and goggles for virtual reality to immerse you in the experience. No cable, no computer, no hassle. Put the headband on your forehead, then put on your glasses and you’re ready to go.


The’ healium VR app is currently available on oculus Go headphones, Gear VR and Google daydream, including Mirage Solo. Healium AR is now available on Apple’s app store for IOS and Android devices. AR (augmented reality) works without VR glasses.


The electricity of the human body to feed the immersive experience. As the mental and physical state approaches the sensations of‘openness and awareness, calmness and relaxation, the fascia detecting changes in the pattern of brain waves, will feed and make more intense, unique and effective VR experience.

When thoughts become powerful and narration originates in our heads, merging with technology, we can only surrender to the idea that the human mind if combined with tools such as those of virtual and augmented reality, may be an objective tool for the internal development of the man and the environment to which he belongs. An association, therefore, that man-machine, that begins to become more than ever a close and present reality and of which we of Visualpro 360 are supporters. Needless to restate how much for us the Technology, and in the specific Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality represent a point of contact, conjunction between the past and a future to create and that finally begins to outline itself.

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